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If you were at daily Mass this last Tuesday, then you already heard me tell this story. It bears repeating.

There was a man who was stranded alone on an uncharted island for years. Finally a ship was going by and they happened to spot the smoke from his fire. They came onto the island and found him there alone. They also noticed that he had built three huts. Assuming maybe he had gotten a bit stir-crazy, they did not want to offend him so they waited until they got him back to the ship to ask: "Why did you have three huts on the island?" He told them that the first was his home, and the second was his church. They then asked, "What about the third hut?" He said, "Oh that one! Well that is my former church, I don't go there anymore."

If you have left a parish, please make sure it is for the right reason. Grumpiness and refusal to submit to the Church are never good reasons. If you must leave, do so only because you are seeking for greater holiness and spiritual guidance. This does happen at times, and God knows what wolves in sheep's clothing are like (He warned us about them after all). Yet, those people who cannot seem to get along with anyone are always ready to find something to complain about. Look for holiness; look for reverence toward God; look for Christ.


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