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Confusion About the Church

Someone (who wrote his return address in scribble--completely untraceable!) sent me a little pamphlet in the mail. It says that I am deceived for being Catholic. It says that only the Protestant teachings are true (in spite of the fact they do not agree with each other). It tells me that Sacraments cannot save me and only Jesus can (as though He did not command me to use the sacraments). I threw it away; but I did not only throw it away I did something else.

I prayed for this individual. I prayed that he would see that he is at war with God. To claim that the means that Jesus commanded for our salvation (many times in Scripture) are of the devil is tantamount to the unforgivable sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. I prayed that he is ignorant of what he is doing and that he will come to see it for what it is and repent.

Sadly, this pamphlet (and the person who sent it) are attacking something that does not exist. It would be interesting if they actually knew what they were talking about and set out to refute what the Church actually teaches, but, alas, this is not the case. They are attacking a straw man, and anyone who is deceived by their confusion is clearly not thinking any more clearly than they are.

There is much confusion about the Catholic Church out there today and Protestants have done much to misrepresent catholicism (trust me, I was there and know this firsthand). It is our duty to live faithful lives, to help correct misunderstandings about the faith, and to guide anyone who will listen to the fullness of the truth that God has revealed through His Church. Are you doing your part to show others that the same Christ Who raised from the dead is the One Who established His Church and put St. Peter over it?


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