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Church Music (3)

There may be some who wonder if I am the only person thinking about Chant and Hymns the way that I have been describing. That is an understandable query. When it comes to Priests, there is a remarkable circumstance. Many will teChurch Music (3)ll you (in private) that they want to do what I have been saying, but are afraid of the response from the people. One Priest said, he wanted to,

"...simply have the choir sing the Introit, Gradual and Offertory and have a decent organ with a fine organist play grand music to walk in and out by. Now that would be radical! Scrap the hymn singing schtick altogether and do what the rubrics say? Actually have a choir or schola to sing the Introit, the Psalm, the Gradual and the Offertory? If we did that you know what would happen? Everyone would say, “Father I really miss not singing hymns at Mass. When are you going to bring hymn singing back…”

So he chose not to. Hmmmm, it makes you wonder whether the Church has become too much a democracy?

It is a long read, but here is a terrific article pointing out many of these details that I have been discussing. It is fair, and balanced, and although I would not necessarily agree with every word, this lady is on the right track! Click here.


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