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Church Music (2)

Here is an interesting detail about singing at Mass that is often not thought of. In the vast majority of parishes that use hymns (though not all), very few people in the pews actually sing (the "worship team" sings, but most others just stand there silent). In contrast, in the vast majority of parishes where Gregorian Chant is used, most of the people in the pews sing. Why is that? Is it possible that we all know down deep about the sacred nature of chant and how it effects us spiritually? Is it possible that everyone knows that hymns are inferior and they are turned away from them? Is it possible that we all know that the chants are a part of the Mass itself, and that hymns are additions that just do not fit? Is it possible that the real desire for hymns in the Mass is because we are used to them and comfortable with them, whereas chant challenges us and pushes us to higher spirituality? Maybe!? Or maybe I'm just crazy.


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