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Christus Rex

This Sunday, according to the older calendar, would be the feast of Christ the King. Its place at the last Sunday in October was important theologically. It was right before All Saints so that we would attach the association of the reign of Christ with the sanctification of the Saints in Heaven. Because He rules, they can rule with Him (as the Scriptures say so often).

It also put the feast in the midst of the liturgical year rather than at the end. There is a teaching aspect to this which is important. To have the feast at the end of the liturgical calendar might (?) make it appear to some that Christ is not King now, and it is only at the end of history when that will happen. Having the feast during the liturgical year shows us that Christ is King of kings right now, and unto eternity.

In the Ordinariate, that ancient placement for the feast on the calendar has not been restored (yet!), but we can pray that it will. We do not just celebrate a day because it happens to be there on the calendar (like pagans do), but we are to celebrate with intention and purpose. Understanding the Kingship of Christ is vital for us to find hope in these dark days. Although we are unable to celebrate "Christus Rex" in the Mass liturgy this Sunday, let us make sure that we always celebrate Him as our King in our hearts.


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