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But that's too hard!

A man once called a Priest he knew (who lived in another state) to ask advice. He told the Priest that there was not a single Church in a 100 mile radius from his home that had a Mass that was even slightly reverent, and most were completely disrespectful toward God. He had no idea what to do because his family's faith was suffering.

The Priest gave him the same advice that I would give: "Maybe it’s time for you to move." The man explained to the Priest that he could not find a job that would pay anywhere near what he was earning, and that the challenges of moving were so stressful that he feared how much his family would suffer. The Priest then asked the simple question: are you willing to suffer for you and your family's salvation, or not?

Finding a reverent and godly celebration of the Mass is not a mere bonus or an added benefit that some people are blessed with. It is the difference between maintaining and losing faith. A Mass that is irreverent and "pop-contemporary" may very well be valid (because the Church says it is), but that does not mean that your faith will grow while attending there (I know, it should not be so, but these are the times that try men's souls). In fact, if statistics (i.e. "you will know them by their fruits") mean anything, then the majority who remain under the ministry of liturgical abuse have their faith stagnate.

How far would you go to maintain your faith? Which is more important to you: a big income and nice house, or eternity with God? Parents, remember, this includes your children as well: their spirits are influenced by the manner of the liturgy that they experience, and if they get used to irreverence then it will be very hard for them to seek out reverence. Will you make the hard choices and do what is necessary (even if that means packing up and moving to where there is a reverent Mass)?

If everyone who was unable to find a reverent Mass locally, packed up and moved to where there was one, do you realize how much those reverent parishes would thrive even more? The irrereverent ones would also be forced to ask why they are losing people and it may lead them on the path to correction (!). The answer of "but that's hard" does not go very far when our Lord commands us to honor Him. In fact, He will often say "yes, I meant it to be hard" (Acts 14:22). Make the right choice; do not sit back and say "we'll be ok" or "it is too much effort" when it comes to a matter of your eternal soul.


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