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I do not usually post links or videos, but you have to see this. It is not solely for this reason, but at least you can see I am not lying when I warn you about what is out there. Parents take note: this is not for children; they will be scarred for life. Get out a barf bucket before you click the link. Yes, the report says it is an actual "Catholic Church" in Germany (I use quotations because God may have already cut them off from the vine).

This is, according to Catholics in Germany, what communion looks like in many parishes on an average Sunday: May God have mercy on their souls.

Thank God for the English Catholic patrimony that we have been given. Thank God for the Ordinariate. Thank God for our Bishop, Steven Lopes. Let us be thankful for what we do have and pray for those who do not have the same blessings. Stand fast my brethren; Christ is still on His throne, so we will get through this.


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