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Being Shocked

What kinds of things shock you? Are you shocked by scary stories? Are you shocked by the transgender attacks on the family? Are you shocked by the fact that an apostate Catholic is our nation's President? Are you shocked by the lack of discipline in the Church? I could go on and on. Let us try this another way: which is more shocking to you, a Catholic who publicly commits a grave sin and refuses to repent of it, or a Priest denying communion to that same person?

I recall a few years back mentioning that I hoped I would never have to deny someone communion because they were publicly impenitent. The person I was speaking to said, "That would be horrible to be so mean as to deny someone communion!" Yes, she was more bothered by the denial of communion than by the impenitence of one of her brethren. Sadly, part of this is because so few Priests are obedient to the laws of God and the Church in this regard. Catholics have gotten so used to compromise that faithfulness seems like cruelty to many of them.

If we realize that taking communion while impenitent is only adding a grave sin on top of the other one, then we will not (ever) be shocked by a Priest properly denying communion. Rather, we will be comforted to know that the Priest is unwilling to add to their sins, and that he cares about their eternal souls. Let us all seek to have a heart that is truly grieved when a brother or sister in Christ is not ashamed of sin. Let us ask the Lord for the grace to do what we all know is right: love God, hate sin.


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