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Being Honest

Whatever your perspective on the celebration of "Halloween" (and there are multiple Catholic perspectives on it) last night, I want to make a simple illustration. Do not try to disguise yourself as something other than what you truly are in your life. I know people who do not celebrate Halloween, but life lives of superficiality and falsehood.

The roots of the practice of dressing up in a costume have largely been completely lost in modern society, but the practice of pretending to be something that you are not has taken hold quite well. No one wants to be known as a sinner; unless, of course, you care about your salvation (yes, you read that right!). To admit that one falls into sin is not a sign of weakness; even St. Paul (toward the end of his life) called himself the "chief of sinners".

Are we able to admit our sinfulness to others? Are we able to acknowledge that we are in need of salvation? The only other option is the lie that we are sinless. Going to Confession (especially on a holy day) is not something to be embarrassed by, but rather to be joyful about: "I am willing to humble myself, so that I can be exalted by Christ" is what it says. To abstain from Holy Communion because you have not been to Confession is a sign of respect for Christ, His Church, and the rest of the community that you are in fellowship with.

So, on this All Saints day, let us remember the Saints in Heaven. Let us remember that we want to be there with them. Let us remember that lying is not the path to Heaven. Let us have respect and honor (at least in our hearts if nowhere else) for those who acknowledge that they are fallen and in need of redemption. Let us be honest about who we really are.


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