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Attacking the Blessed Virgin Mary

Everyone has a calling before God. Some find that calling (through repentance and holiness) and others do not (usually because of pride and willfulness). There are general callings that apply to everyone (obey God, etc.) and others that apply only to certain categories of people (doctors are called to save life and not kill). In that last category we have the general callings on men, as men, and women, as women.

Both Catholic moral theology and the nature of creation show us that women are called to be either a virgin or a mother. Yes, there are those women who are infertile, but those who are willingly sterilized choose to go against nature, and natural infertility is an obvious abnormality (like blindness, etc.). The former is a sin, and the latter is according the providence of God.

The Blessed Virgin Mary did not have a normal calling before God. Her vocation was unique in the history of the world, and it was unrepeatable. She was uniquely blessed with both virginity and motherhood at the same time; something impossible without the intervention of the Lord God. The world in its evil way of thinking detests this of Mary. It is an offense to pagans because they hate God and the way that He has ordered the world.

Those who resist the sacred beauty of the Blessed Virgin are driven by their sin to eradicate this beauty from the world. They will mock Mary, they will insult her, and they will try to ignore her, but always fail to destroy her. Knowing their ineffectiveness in this manner, they have worked against the holiness of Mary's combined Motherhood and Virginity by trying to eliminate both. Just looking at the feminist movement over the last few decades it would seem that they want to fill the world with women who are neither virgins, nor mothers (and intentionally so). To reject both virginity and motherhood is to reject womanhood and thus to reject what is rightly feminine.

There is a constant effort (through music, clothing, and a host of other ways) to make young girls give up their virginity as soon as possible. While they usually do not openly advocate for child abuse, it is essentially what they are aiming at justifying. They also seek, by various means, to eliminate motherhood through contraception and abortion. Some feminists have even spoken about motherhood as an "ancient slavery" that needs to done away with and replaced by machines that will control the gestation of children (does anyone hear echos of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"?).

Ladies, be aware that the devil is after your soul and wants you to accept his attacks willingly (in the name of your "personal freedoms"). Gentlemen, be aware that you are called to protect the ladies in your life (mothers, wives, and daughters) from these attacks. Mother Mary is a powerful source for all, and her holiness must be proclaimed so that all can see what true womanhood is. The world may hate it, but let us help to protect both virginity and motherhood, and help each woman to find her true calling before God.


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