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Another Liturgical Abuse

One of the worst abuses of the Mass does not occur at the altar and it is not done by careless priests; it is desiring the Mass to be over so one can return to doing one's own personal pleasure. If anything, Catholics should have to be forced out of the building! I do, in fact, sometimes have to scoot people out! I try to do it nicely; maybe I have another appointment, or it might be because I need to get ready for the subsequent Mass. In truth, the only good and holy reason we should want to leave Church after Mass is to go do the work of the gospel.

Yes, there are times when someone needs to do something after Mass, but when that happens it should not be a happy moment that one has found an excuse to leave. If we are honest we will admit that most of the time the "excuses" people use to justify leaving quickly after Mass are more selfish than godly. I will not be anyone's judge: each person knows whether he really needs to leave or whether he could remain in the presence of Christ a bit longer, and stay around God's people for a few minutes more. No, I am not saying that everyone must remain in Church for an hour after Mass (though some at St. George do that); the point is more about our attitude: what do we want after Mass? To get it over with? or to extend the grace a bit longer?


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