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...And a Little Latin as Well

"We already have the old English words in our Mass, why do we need Latin as well?" This also is asked occasionally. This is because the Church requires all forms of the Mass to use Latin (at least occasionally). I did not say that all actually do it, but that all are required to do it. Latin is the official language of the Church, and there is no reason to expect that this will ever change. Thus, when the rules for Mass say to use Latin, we will obey. We would be disobedient if we ignored this rule and that means that we all need to do our best to join in (even if you find it difficult).

This means that we use Latin occasionally in the Mass (e.g. the Sanctus and the Agnus Dei during certain seasons), and (since Jesus told us that when someone asks you to go one mile, you should be willing to go two) we also use Latin right after Sunday Mass throughout the year (when we have a cantor to help us) by singing a Marian Anthem (depending on the season). Therefore, since the Easter season just ended, we will begin to learn a new Marian Anthem. The Salve Regina is now posted on our music page. The recording also has some extra information from one of our cantors to help explain things.


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