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A (written) Bomb Was Just Dropped on Rome

Cardinal Pell, who passed just a couple days ago, recently wrote a letter that blasted the Synod on Synodality process. This "Synod" that we are currently having to endure has already caused much apparent harm and confusion throughout the Church. I have spoken about my concerns in this regard many times publicly and yet I have always expressed that I am not the final say in things since I know very little about what is involved behind closed doors. Cardinal Pell (who also wrote a scathing criticism of not only this Synodal process, but also of Francis' Pontificate) is much more "in the know" than I and has quite a few direct words to say about this. Some examples of his thoughts about the current state of things are: "toxic nightmare" and "catastrophe". God bless you Cardinal Pell; rest eternal grant unto him O Lord.

Here are some links to give you some information: here, and here, and here.

Lord have mercy upon us. Mother Mary pray for us now, and in the hour of our death.


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