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Worship Something

We are all wired to worship something. We may not worship God the way we are supposed to, but we will worship something. This means that if a person is deprived of worshiping God (from his own choice, or that of another), then he will end up worshiping something else other than God (and it may not be what he wants to worship).

What happens, then, in those Churches where worship is so compromised and diluted that you get little of any true worship? The people must worship something, but if the time of Mass is filled with other stuff so that you do not have any time left for worshiping God, then you will end up worshiping something other than God.

This is one of the greatest dangers of the loosening of the rules for Mass: it makes people think that they are still obedient to the third commandment even though they have degenerated into worshiping something else.


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