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Who Do You Trust?

I tested positive recently. No, not for Covid or anything like that, but for not continuing to believe the lies that say that Covid is worse than the Black Plague, cancer, the hantavirus, and HIV all rolled into one. The "test" was done by a person who had given in to the lie, and was literally shocked that I did not accept everything the media says. This person said, "I think the CDC has our best interest in mind". He was essentially putting me on the spot as to whether I was blindly following the common rhetoric (which was proved false long ago).

There was a time when we could trust much of what medical professionals say. That day is no longer here. As good Catholics we should only put complete trust in the Lord; anyone else needs to show their truthfulness by their devotion to that same Lord. It is hard to move from trusting a long-trusted group of people to distrusting them (especially if we know someone who is part of that group). Yet, wisdom says that any person or group of persons can fall into error, and with the massive influence of big pharma today, we must realize that only fools would presume that the wealthiest people in the nation are immune to lies.

Whether it is the medical establishment, the federal government, or the public schools, they all can fall (and, basically, have!). Only Christ and His revelation through the Church are perfect. As the old phrase goes: in God we trust, all others pay cash.


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