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Which Catholic Church? (part 4)

We hear much today about how Pope Francis wants to "move forward". I am not about to pretend that I know the mind of the Pope. Yet, we can discern at least a bit of his attitude by his actions. It appears that "moving forward" has something to do with "going back"; back to Vatican II. It seems from his actions and words that he believes that Vatican II was the unquestionable pinnacle of the faith. Now, I step very lightly here, since I do not want to appear to be attacking the Pope, but as he is supposed to be our Chief Shepherd of the Church, this is what I hear the Shepherd telling his sheep.

Francis seems to be worried about those who "reject Vatican II". I do not actually reject it, but I do believe that there are some areas of serious concern with the second Vatican council (especially those parts that have been taken by some to contradict the first Vatican Council!). There are concerns with the radical disconnect between what the council actually said, and with what it is claimed that it said. To many it appears like there is only one document of Vatican II and it is called "Protestantus Renovatio" and it tells us that everything that smacks of non-catholic behavior is acceptable. Sorry (no, not really sorry), but that is not the Catholic faith; never was, never will be.

There are also problems with the implementation of what was actually said at Vatican II that are not being dealt with in the majority of the Church. Abuses of the actual rules given at the Council are allowed to continue while those who seek to remain faithful (like our brethren who would like to attend the Traditional Latin Mass) are treated like criminals and left to suffer; woe to those who do such things (Jeremiah 23:1). These attacks on the traditions that our forefathers gave to us is not the Church that Jesus calls us to be part of; it is a sad misrepresentation of the beautiful Bride of Christ.

I may not know exactly what you were told when you were being taught what the Church is, but I can call each of you to be sure you know now what the Church really is. It does not change, in spite of wolves in sheep's clothing who infiltrate her ranks. I pray that we can stand together in these difficult times and be truly faithful to our Lord and live in accord with the calling He has given to us.


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