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The Church no longer requires women to veil in the presence of the Sacrament as it once did, but it does still encourage it. Many women (though not all) at St. George choose to veil. We must, of course, be careful not to make it a thing of pride. It is supposed to be for the purpose of honoring God and recognizing the order that Christ has instituted in His Church (please read 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 for the biblical foundation of the practice).

I wish here to point out what Saints of the past said about the veil. More than one of them used imagery to say that the veil is not a woman's yoke or shackles, but rather her crown. Think on that, and what it means for us today (especially when we are in Church), and I do not mean just the ladies, but also the men. Meditate on that truth.


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