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Recently I spoke about doing things "efficiently". Then, after that, I posted about Sr. Wilhelmina in Gower, Missouri, whose body has not corrupted after four years in the grave. It all got me thinking about the fact that religious sisters are not very "efficient". They even seem to be somewhat "useless". Yes, you read that right; please read on.

OK, then, yes, I am being a bit facetious. The religious (at least the traditional ones) are "inefficient" because they do not conform to the modern concept of work, and rather conform to a higher commitment of holiness (which sometimes does not look very efficient). Our utilitarian society cannot wrap its head around the idea of religious brother or sister. The religious are also not very "useful" because we cannot use them for our purposes; they do not fit into the "cookie-cutter" idea of productive members of society (because they are more concerned about eternity than about making money). Those who are always looking for the "bottom dollar" and gauging things by profit margins just do not "get it" when they consider a religious.

What a beautiful example we have in them that they have eyes to see what is higher and more beautiful than anything in this world. What a grace to have them walking amongst us and visiting us for Mass. They make me think of angels walking in our midst; we cannot fully grasp the grace they have, and that makes them that much more blessed to be around. Thank you, Lord, for everyone You call to religious life.


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