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A parishioner recently sent me a screenshot of a job application that listed a few options for the applicant to put for gender. One of the options was, "unknown". Can you picture the person who would choose this? It may not actually be someone who is completely brainwashed by the demonic gender fluidity of the modern world. I can see it quite vividly: "What gender are you?" "Actually, with all the alphabet soup of genders, I no longer have any idea what I am or am supposed to be; sorry."

Scripture is clear (and history is even more clear) that when a society loses its moorings it is only a short time before it collapses. No person, or group of people can let go of a moral anchor and expect to be able to remain stationary. While some stand back and think that they are being "accepting" or "tolerant", they are completely unaware that they are planting the very bombs that will bring the destruction of America.

It is sad to think that Rome lasted almost 1000 years, and it was pagan for most of that time. America was founded as a Protestant nation (no, its foundations were not Catholic!), and it does not appear that it will last even a third of the time that Rome did. "But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: the mercies of the Lord are new every morning" (cf. Lam 3:19-23).


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