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Truth and Lies (2)

How do you talk? Do you speak like you believe or do you believe like you speak? I know that sounds odd, but think about it for a bit. The specific words we use can reflect our beliefs, or they can reflect what we have been taught (or both). Language can also influence what we believe. If your language is casual, it can cause you to behave casually. Saying "hey dude" to someone influences how you act towards him; saying "greetings Mr. Senator" will also influence your behavior.

If you eliminate certain terms from your speech it will influence what you believe (even if you do not think it will). If you say that an action is "unacceptable" instead of saying it is "evil" then that will influence what you think about that object. If you call something "horrible" when it is actually only "unpleasant" that will influence you as well. Speech influences actions. So, once again, how do you talk? What words are you using?

It is worth it to pay attention and be careful not to allow yourselves to be guided by the way the world speaks. The world's opinion of things is not correct, and it will be reflected in the way they speak; we cannot follow their path. In the book 1984, the people are controlled by "newspeak" (the governmental determination of which words can and cannot be used). It may seem like that cannot happen to us, but that is wrong; it already is. When people try to mandate the use of certain pronouns for things that are contrary to reality, it is just the beginning.

The devil always wants to control the dialog and manipulate it in his direction. Deciding the terms we can use is his way of controlling our souls. Guard your speech; guard your heart. Examine your own words and make sure that they reflect truth and reality.


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