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Truth and Lies

"The closest 5 inches in the world is from mouth to ear". What I mean, is: your own mouth, to your own ear. The lies we tell ourselves are the easiest to believe and we always are willing to listen to ourselves; sadly. The most difficult part of this truth is the fact that when we lie to ourselves, we usually do nothing to overcome the lie. We accept it, we protect it, we nurture it, and then we defend it. In the end, we believe our own lies to our own destruction.

It may be a small lie: "I wasn't really rude to that cashier"; or a medium lie: "One more beer isn't too much"; or it may be a big lie: "I don't need to go to confession in order to receive communion". It might even be an enormous lie: "It's OK to look for loopholes in Church rules". Whatever it may be, we each need to make sure to pay attention to what we say to ourselves, and be willing to be critical of self. Are we seeking justifications for things that we know are wrong? Are we drenching ourselves in a falsehood in order to avoid a discomfort? Jesus calls Himself the "Truth" and the Truth is what we are called to commit ourselves to. Let us look for it everywhere, even in our own hearts and minds.


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