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True Masculinity

Have you ever heard anyone talk about "toxic masculinity"? I know there is such a thing, but I doubt it is actually as common as many people presume. In fact, I would venture to say that almost everything that "toxic feminists" call "toxic masculinity" is not actually so. Yeah, in saying that I probably just painted a target on my back (to add with the others already there!), but "toxic femininity" may be a worse problem for society today than so-called "toxic masculinity".

Rather than being so concerned about "toxic masculinity", I wonder what would happen if we all tried to emphasize (clearly) what true, godly masculinity looks like? For example, true masculinity does not prey on women (any women). True masculinity respects and protects women (all women). True masculinity seeks to be the first to sacrifice self for the sake of others (big sacrifices, like letting someone else hold the remote control). True masculinity expresses itself with quiet honor.

A man who seeks true godly masculinity can accept an insult, or a vulgar attack and not retaliate because he is man enough to exercise self-control. He can look at himself to see his weaknesses, and being honest about them, he can put in an effort to overcome them. This kind of man is usually not the one that people notice, because he is humble and knows when to shut his mouth. He is not threatened by toxic femininity, but instead works to overcome it and protect his daughters from being seduced by it.

I am sure that there are other things that we could list, but that is a good start. Ladies, are you praying for your men? Men, are you asking God for the strength to obey Him? Are you all trusting in the Lord to help you to reject the wicked world we live in, and instead submit to the Holiness of God, so that you can be changed and made more holy every day?


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