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The End of the World?

There was a movie recently about the "end of the world" (at least that is how it appears in the movie). It was not the typical "end of the world" scenario, but more "what would it be like to be on the fringe and not know what was going on" type. The title is not important, as it was not that good of a movie. An underlying plot theme, however, was quite interesting (especially if the original writers did not intend it).

At the beginning there were a few people who were self-centered and unloving, and one who was more pleasant towards others. After all the disaster happens, however, things switch; those who hated others learn that if they wished to survive the holocaust they would need to work to get along with those whom they thought were their enemies. While, on the other hand, the one who was kinder at the beginning turns inside herself and ignores everyone else's suffering so that she can make herself happy.

The point is fairly clear: trials bring out our inner self. Challenges make us show who we truly are. What do you do when things do not go your way? Do you "rise to the challenge" and look for what good you can do for others? Or, do you become selfish and think only about your own needs and desires? The latter is quite common today. We as the people of God need to stand out in this world--which appears to many to be coming to an end--because we are the ones who are supposed to give the example to those around us of what it means to love our neighbor. How you respond to these dark days we live in will reveal your true colors.


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