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The Decline of the Family (9)

I expect that most of you will be able to tell what the next and final stage of degeneration is according to Zimmerman. And, yes, we are there right now. After this final stage, if a society does not repent and restore order, then it collapses (either internally or through an outside attacker).

The final stage of degeneration is the interest in, and acceptance of various forms of sexual perversion. For a while, most societies retain some sexual perversions as criminal (thank God we still have a few of these rules, but they are also under attack), but over time they make them not only legal, but protected and occasionally even encouraged. Think of the view of sodomy just 50 years ago. It was considered by the average American as shameful, and still viewed by most medical doctors as a mental disorder worthy of extended therapy.

Transgenderism is a whole new form of perversion, but is the logical step in the destruction of sexual morals. If no one on the planet knows whether they are male or female, then there are no rules for sexuality. Let us be honest about this whole thing, the transgender movement is not about a person's identity; it is about sex. Exactly like sodomy, it has nothing to do with a person "finding themselves"; it has to do with a person finding more free sexual experience with no consequences (as though that were possible!). I am not making this up; numerous people who have been freed from this vile practice have pointed out this very fact and admitted that they were taught to deny it.

Because I wish to keep this "PG", I will not go into the list of other perversions our society is opening itself up to (but they are all condemned more than once in the Scriptures). Suffice it to say this: we are sliding on a slippery slope, and that means that as Catholic faithful we must be all the more firm in our practice of morality. We must be clear where we stand, and not compromise out of a mistaken notion of "niceness". We are called to show the truth of Christ to a fallen world, regardless of what it thinks of us. ZImmerman's study helps us to see where we are headed.

Can we learn from history? All things are possible with God. Many in our land may not likely learn anything, and they will go to their graves with fist held high. Let us do what we can to turn people to our Divine Savior Jesus Christ so that they can find the joy and peace of holiness. Let us make sure we keep our families solid and holy; always being willing to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our loved ones. Let us pray that God will show mercy on us.


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