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The Decline of the Family (5)

Zimmerman then went on to point out how the next degeneration of society that undermines the family, and thus the entire nation, is what he called "public disrespect for parents and all authority". Well, wow, we have had that going in America since her founding, but the rate of increase over the last 50 years has been exponential.

Public schools have been engaged in an active attack on parental authority, even to the point of justifying hiding things from the parents in order to advance their agenda. This did not begin over night. It was certainly fueled by the examples of bad parents, but then the "exception" became the assumed norm, and all parents who want to raise their children in the faith became the bad guys. As the commandment says, "honor father and mother so that your days may be long"; in other words, we learn respect for all authority when we learn respect for parents.

This has clearly moved to the next phase when we see our politicians filled with corruption and most people just laughing about it. Things are swept under the rug, and elections are stolen with no apparent feelings of guilt. Peaceful societies do not consider rebellion as a virtue, but America does today. Authority and rules do not matter because we want our own way. Anarchy is just around the corner.

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