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The Decline of the Family (4)

The next thing that Zimmerman saw occurring in societies (even many ancient ones) was that feminism spreads like wild fire. The mantra used today by many feminists is that marriage is "legalized rape" (if you have not heard this, you are lucky). Of course feminism will attack marriage, because they are so obsessed with self-determination (as though that is a good thing!) that they cannot see any bond or restriction on a person's life as a good thing.

We see this more and more in American society (and the various forms of sodomy--homosexuality, transgenderism, etc.--follow right along as natural consequences). The influence of feminism is remarkable. Far more Catholics (men and women both) have been influenced by feminism. I once heard someone ask if the Mass reading from Ephesians 5 ("wives submit to your husbands") should be removed from the lectionary, since it was no longer true (the number of theological errors in that statement boggle the mind)!

God did not give us marriage so that men could control the women; He gave it as a protection for women. Women are always liable to be taken advantage of if they are not properly protected. They are being taken advantage of by the men who started the feminist movement here in America (yes, you read that right -- go check the history if you doubt me!). Marriage (and all the laws of it given by God and the Church) are to help women to be protected from abusive men and allow them to fulfill their calling before God.

Feminism is a failed experiment, and those who support it have been deceived by a promise of happiness that never came. I have met active feminists and recovering feminists both, and have found that they all say the same thing: they were taught that this is the only right way to respect women, and never heard about the consequences of it being misery and hopelessness.

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