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The Decline of the Family (2)

We may not be able to turn this tide that we are experiencing now, but it is important for us to be aware of it. Thus, we may have to see the complete destruction of our society before the family can be properly restored to its importance (not the first time this has happened, just the first time for America!). The first thing that Zimmerman saw in these other cultures was that marriage (however it was viewed, and regardless of whether it was sacramental or not) lost its sense of a sacred institution.

Divorce became easier and easier to attain. Less and less boundaries were placed on it, and thus less and less of a stigma was attached to it for those who chose that path. When the family disintegrates, the people in that family always suffer. When the commitment of family disintegrates, the commit of those members of that family will suffer in other areas of life as a natural consequence.

These days I hear every once in a while about a "divorce party" as though they are celebrating a good thing. I have had a few people say, "I know the Church doesn't like divorce, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me". I do not believe that they realize what they are saying. This is comparable to saying "I know theft is a sin, but it feels so good!" Yeah . . . NO.

When we focus on selfish desires ("I want my happiness", or, "I don't want to accept a life with challenges") then divorce is always justified. We see it as a necessary evil because our personal desires are more important than our commitments. Yes, there are times when someone must get divorced for the sake of their own safety, but I have seen people stretch that idea of "safety" and "well being" to the point of it being used to reject any discomfort imaginable. There will always be excuses for bad things, and they become easier when we have the wrong perspective.

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