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The Cathedra

Today is the feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. What is that, you may ask? The Lateran Basilica is the Pope's Cathedral. You heard that right, it is not St. Peter's Basilica, but the Lateran Basilica. People know about "St. Peter's" better because that is where St. Peter himself is buried, but the Lateran Basilica is truly the "mother Church" of all Christendom. That is why we have a feast day dedicated to that one church building.

Therefore, in this way, the feast of the Lateran Basilica is the feast of all Catholic parish churches; including your home church. Even if you cannot go to Mass today, remember your church. Remember the fact that God gave it to you, and that you are to care for it because it houses the tabernacle wherein Jesus' physical body resides here on Earth.

Remember also that the Cathedral of the Pope is also a gift. It is his "chair" or "cathedra", and that is where the term "ex cathedra" (referring to the infallible statements that the Pope makes) comes from. We have not had an ex cathedra statement in almost a century, but we have had Popes; some we appreciate, some not so much. Yet, after 2000 years of history (and most of those years filled with persecutions upon God's people) the Church and her individual local churches are still here.


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