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Temptations: Good and Bad

Have you ever felt tempted to be good? That might sound odd, because we do not usually use the word "tempt" in reference to good things, but I think you can understand the point better. We all recognize temptations to do evil, but what about temptations to do good? What do they look like?

I want you to think for a moment about your guardian angel. You have probably never seen him (though there are times when angels do appear in human form!), but he definitely sees you. His duty is to protect you and to help you on your journey to Heaven. He does that in many ways, but one that is often forgotten is by prompting you to consider what is more holy and righteous in all the experiences of life.

Think also about your priest. One of his duties (among many) is to prompt you to do what is good. He can do this in the confessional, in a homily, or even just in casual conversation. Sometimes (hopefully not often) he has to do this by telling you to stop a bad behavior. No one likes to be corrected, but we all need to listen to correction and be willing to be pointed in the right direction.

Finally, think about the various circumstances that you go through in life. Many of those are clear "temptations" to the good merely because they are examples of what bad choices lead to. Do you pay attention to them? Do you ask God to help you see them clearly? Do you ever dig your feet in and say "don't tell me what to do" (as so many today do with any and all authority)?

You are being tempted every day. The devil and his demons send many temptations to wickedness, and the world and our own habits do the rest. God and his angels are also sending you "temptations"; those reminders that show us that we can find the good and do it. It is there, and our Blessed Lord makes sure that we have it available. Do not miss what He is saying to you -- it just might mean your eternal salvation.


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