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I recall once pointing out to someone that she tailgated people when she drove. She was shocked and at first denied it. Then after a bit, she realized it was true. Most people who tailgate (i.e. staying less then one car length per 10 miles per hour behind the vehicle in front of you!) do not even think about it. Aside from it being extremely dangerous (you cannot stop in time if the vehicle in front of you stops suddenly), it is also extremely rude to other driver.

So, what, you may ask, am I discussing the rules of the road for? Think about the reason why people will tailgate. Some actually believe that it is safer (I have met them!), but most do it out of habit and are not paying full attention. Tailgaters are focused on what is in front of them, and are not considering the consequences of their actions (on themselves or on others). Many people today are spiritual "tailgaters". They focus on their immediate spiritual situation and do not give consideration to what the consequences are of their actions either (to themselves or to others).

How do you think about your choice to pray (or not to pray) on the rest of your day? How do you consider the example that you give to others when you lose your temper? Do you think about the testimony you are giving about the behavior of Catholics when you choose to stay home from Mass on a Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation? There are many things that we can miss because we become too focused on what is right in front of us, and fail to look "down the road" to what is ahead.

Spend some time this week (today if possible) to do some self examination and ask yourself whether you are thinking about more than your immediate desires and worries. Ask the Holy Ghost to give you an extra measure of grace so that you can look beyond yourself and be prepared to make some changes in your life.


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