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Some Good News (for a change!)

I don't usually do "news" on this blog, but this one is important; especially for any of you who might have been frettin' about stuff lately. Pope Francis (yes, in an interview) said that it is impossible for women to be ordained Deacons (and by necessity, Priests or Bishops) in the Church, regardless of what the "deaconesses" were in the early Church (though they were likely a type of Nun). He specifically noted that "holy orders is reserved for men". Then he said that it would "undermine the essence of the Church" if someone were to try to change that rule. He also went on to say that making priestly celibacy optional will not help with the priest shortage, and so those who wish to change this custom must realize it is not going to solve anything.

Take hope: the Holy Ghost is still working in the Church to protect us from error.


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