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So That We Will Know

I had a thought the other day. This is no more than somewhat educated speculation, but it is possible because this is often how God works. What if God is allowing these many Catholics to continue to say heretical and immoral things openly (like what is being said by some at the Synod on Talking About Stuff) so that it can be clear to everyone what they think? What I mean by that is, God often gives impenitent people enough rope to hang themselves; could He be doing that very thing right now?

We know that God always brings judgment at the right time and in the right way (though we sometimes get impatient for it). Sometimes that judgment comes quietly and we are unaware of it even occurring. Sometimes it is clear and evident to all, but not always known precisely why the judgment came. In this situation, He may be waiting to give them time to repent, as well as giving us time to see the reason for the judgment when it does arrive; to see that their destruction was not a mere accident. This is for our encouragement in faithfulness as well to help us to have a testimony to the grace of God for the coming generations; "yes, my son, God does judge those who refuse to repent; let me tell you a story..."

Once again, just mere speculation; God did not send me a memo to let me know that this is why we are having to endure the foolishness of so many within His Church, but it does not take long to see in Scripture and Church history that He has done this exact kind of thing many times before. Let us take heart because our blessed Lord always has our best interest in mind. If we remain faithful to Him, He will deliver us from our trials in the best way possible.


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