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"S" "I" "N"

Somehow, someway, a few years back, the devil deceived vast numbers of American people (including many Catholics) on one particular subject, and when I point out what the truth is, most people look at me like I just said that the moon is made of Lime Jello. I tell them (get ready for this shocking and unbelievable truth) . . . sex outside of marriage is a sin.

I read a story today where someone was asking for advice on how to deal with the fact that she was dating a married man who was informally separated from his wife--which seemed to be the only problem she was aware of. She casually mentioned that she moved in with him, and that her condition before moving in was that he would get a divorce (she has standards after all!). In fact, she mentioned their sexual activity in passing as though it were merely a common fact, like eating meals together. This could be expected from a pagan, but (to add injury to insult) she also casually stated that she and her "boyfriend" are both practicing Christians and therefore believed that they really should get married soon.

My fingers would get sore if I typed the full length of the "aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh" that is going through my mind right now. Parents, you need to teach your children clearly about this (at the age appropriate time, please!). Adults you need to protect yourselves against the demonic justifications of this sinful behavior. Sexual immorality is destroying the hearts of men and women (yes both!) throughout this land. It is not a small issue that we can just overlook. Sexual immorality is possibly the most blinding sin that we can commit; you will always become confused about right and wrong when you fall into it. As I like to say, "sin makes you stupid".

Therefore, let me make this as clear as I possibly can. Sexual activity (of any kind; even if intercourse does not occur) outside of the marriage covenant is a grave sin. It is not ok if you plan on getting married. It is not ok because everyone is doing it. It is not ok because you really love each other. It is a sin: "S" (as in "S"), "I" (as in "I"), "N" (as in "N"). A SIN against the law of God, and if not repented of, it will take the person who engages in it to Hell for all eternity.

Any questions?


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