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Rigid and Backwardist

I am, apparently, "rigid" and "backwardist" (according to a published comment made by someone at the Vatican about certain priests--no one specifically). I will accept the accusation fully. I am "rigid" because I insist on being obedient to the Laws of God and the Church. No, I do not ignore the rules (or even just bend them) because someone does not like them. I do not say "oh, it's ok" and let people get away with things that will send them to Hell. So if that is what it means to be rigid, then I accept it.

I am "backwardist" as well, because I insist on respecting the first 97.5% of Church history (do the math, that is accurate). There are those today who want to focus on the last 50 years (2.5% of Church history) and claim it is the norm, and that anything new they have come up with is the "tradition". I can picture Saint Paul himself falling down in laughter at that idea. If that is what it means to be backwardist, then I accept it.

So, you had better stay away from me. Do not listen to my advice and especially tune out from my homilies. Unless, of course, you want to hear how to get to Heaven; which is the task I have been assigned to complete.


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