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Reading the Scriptures (2)

When we read the Bible, there are certain presuppositions that we need to have in order to ensure that we stay on the "narrow path" that Jesus gives and not venture off into our own personal interpretations that will only prevent us from understanding what it is saying (cf. 2 Peter 1:20). The only other option is to take the presupposition (tenet? fundamental idea? requirement?) of Protestantism which says that we are supposed to interpret them on our own, at our own choosing, with our own understanding, and for our own purposes (no, Protestants do not use those terms, but I have been there and studied in their schools--this is what they are saying).

What are those presuppositions that we need to have? First, we must presuppose that the Scriptures are hard to understand and easy to be twisted (cf. 2 Peter 3:15-16). Second, we must presuppose that we are prone to interpret things to our own liking. Third, we must presuppose that God knows this and that He, therefore, ensures that we can know those things that we need to know. Fourth, we must presuppose that refusing to read the Scriptures (especially because that is "so protestant"--actually spoken by a Catholic to me) is not a part of what God intends in the third presupposition.

I wrote those quickly, and they read off quite quickly. I encourage you to go back and consider each one of them; carefully.


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