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There are a number of stories about people in Purgatory who were allowed by God to reveal themselves to loved ones who were still alive on Earth. They are quite compelling to read. What stands out in almost every one of them is the fact that these people beg for prayers and Masses to be said in their behalf. A few of the stories even reveal that many of the poor souls were released from their time of purging soon after the prayers and Masses were said, and allowed to come into the full presence of God.

On this All Souls day when we remember those very same poor souls who are going through the necessary cleansing (which, by the way, many of us will experience ourselves some day), let us not just remember. Let us also offer up special prayers and petitions to our Lord. There are a few of the dearly departed whom I remember in prayer regularly, and every time I pray for them I end with the same petition: "I pray for them, that they may pray for us". We are in communion with them, and we are called to take part in their purification process. As we do so, it becomes part of our own purification. On this day, be sure to pray.


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