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Pondering the Mass (7)

Although it is possible to become superstitious about Mass attendance (which the Church properly condemns), today it is more likely that Catholics will hold a low view of the Mass rather than an over-inflated view of the Mass (in fact, although it is possible, I have never met someone who put too much emphasis on the Mass). With that said, we should realize how easy it is to denigrate the Mass today.

Some consider it merely another "worship service" (I have written against this before). Some see it only as a duty (we are all tempted to this at one time or another). Some see it a casual gathering for entertainment (yes, even in Catholic Churches this happens -- usually at those places that observe a Goofy-Mass). All of these are wrong, and all of these lead towards cheapening the eternal value of grace found in the Mass.

The nature in which the Mass is celebrated "leans" in a certain direction. Either it leans toward a high view of the Mass and its eternal value to mankind, or it leans toward a carelessness and irreverence. If you are already at a parish where there is a reverent Mass, then you need to guard yourself into slipping into a low view of the Mass (it can happen!) and end up taking it for granted. If you are not at a parish where there is a reverent Mass, I think you know what you need to do.


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