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Norma Jeane

You probably know who Norma Jeane Mortenson was. Most know her only by her more popular name: Marilyn Monroe. I never really thought much of her as an actress or as being very attractive (flashy ain't my thing). I have, however, always thought of her as something of a symbolic representation of America (probably not in the way that you think).

She came from a broken home, and apparently was mistaken about who her real father was. She spent time in multiple foster homes, and her parents were not present much in her life. She eventually found "success" in Hollywood, but in reality she was chewed up and spit out by the system. She was used by the movie moguls for the sake of advancing their agenda of promoting a degeneration of morals.

Her tragic life is a picture of what happened to America in the 20th century. No, the problems did not start then, but that is when they took a leap forward and achieved a significant level of immoral accomplishment. She was caught up in the excitement and changes of society and did not (apparently) realize what was going on, nor how she was being used. We do not know her heart perfectly, but I pray she did not know (for her guilt is greater if she did know and accepted it).

She was changed from who she was (Norma Jeane) and made into something entirely different (Marilyn Monroe). Some celebrities who change their names only make slight changes (e.g. Schmidt to Smith), but hers (the reasons for which do not matter, the point is the difference) was completely dissimilar. This is what happened to America as a whole, and like Norma Jeane's short life ending tragically, America is in the process of committing suicide and if we do not stop what we are doing it will be even worse.

I read the news some days and wonder what Americans just a century ago would think about the moral filth that is common today. They were "Norma Jeane" and we are "Marilyn Monroe". Some may think we look beautiful on the outside, but inside we are destroying ourselves. Some may consider the changes we have gone through to be "success", but in truth it is corruption and misery.

Repentance is possible, but real repentance is not merely a return to an earlier time in history (the naivete of earlier days is not what we should want to return to!). Real repentance is a restoration of morality in the present context. This means that we need to take a serious look at who we are and what we have become. Examine what can be kept (if anything) and jettison the rest. Few are willing to do it for our society, but if a few of us do this in our own personal lives, it will be the right start.

I fear what a societal "divorce" (as some are speaking about) would look like and what the consequences would be; but it may very well be the only way to bring about the changes that we need. I am not a political scientist, but the system we have right now is broken because it has brought about the institutionalization of individualism, and we cannot just keep individualistically putting band-aids on and expect it to get better. More makeup on Marilyn Monroe will not get rid of the corruption underneath.

Let us pray for a complete societal restoration and the advancement of the Kingdom of God in this land; we have no other hope than obedience to Christ the King, our Lord and Savior.


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