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My Anniversary

Yes, today is my wedding anniversary; 33 years married to my wonderful wife, Catherine. No I am not looking for congratulations, I just want to make one point: I am thankful. I am thankful for the grace of God (without which, she would have left me long ago). I am thankful that God's grace can work in the lives of the most stubborn non-catholics (yes, we once were!) and make them see the truth. I am thankful that Pope Benedict XVI chose to grant me a dispensation from celibacy and allow me to be ordained a Catholic Priest. I am thankful that there are still people who see that marriage is a wonderful sacrament of God and that when submitted to Him it can be a great blessing. I am thankful to have a wonderful parish like St. George (and for every single member of it) where I can serve God's people and help to lead them to Jesus. Thank God.


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