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Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day events of life that we forget to pray about our challenges and trials. Sometimes, when we do remember to pray, we only pray for ordinary things. Sometimes (usually a bit less often) when we pray, we actually pray for a miracle. Should we expect a miracle? Not in the absolute sense, as though we could demand it of God, but in the sense of the fact that God likes to do miracles, then yes! Expect to see miracles in your life; not in every instance where you want one, but in general because God is a miracle maker, and He says often that He wants to do miracles in our lives. I do not mean just special things that are surprising, but actual miracles that transcend the natural way that God created the world. Open yourself up to Him and His miraculous work, and you just might see a miracle. I have seen more than one, and they were each blessings that will never be forgotten. Remember, He is the God Whose Son died and was raised from the dead--the greatest miracle ever--and He likes to do miracles.


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