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Men and Women (2)

A woman was once offended by someone using the term "girly" as an insult to a man. She said, it sounded "as though being a 'girl' is automatically bad". That is a bit of a misunderstanding of something that all of us know. We all know that men and women are not the same; they are created differently. No, when someone calls a man "girly" it is not to say that girls are absolutely bad; it is to say that it is bad for a man to behave like a girl.

Just as much as a man is less than a man when he is behaving like a woman, so also a woman is less than a woman when she behaves like a man. It goes both ways, because that is how God created us. It is, properly speaking, an insult to say a male is being "girly", and it is (or it should be) an insult to say that a female is being "boyish". Many today, however, have sought to eliminate this distinction and blur the lines of what it means to be male and female.

Egalitarianism does not help either women or men; it is a corruption of the created order of God, and it leads us into confusion. Therefore, once again, men and women are not created equal, but they are created equally.


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