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Apparently, those who are involved in the Synodalistic Synodal Synod, of Synodissness are releasing a letter encouraging us all to listen more. Bear with me for a moment if I wax sarcastic . . . so, if we are all listening more, then who or what are we listening to? If I am listening to you, and you are listening to me, then we are both just sitting there staring at each other; just sayin'. I guess maybe it could be listening to nature--birds, bobcats, wolves, trees, tornadoes? To good classical music? Maybe to my cat as she meows to let me know she can see the bottom of her food bowl (note: I am about to be less sarcastic)? Whatever it may be, I am sure that someone has to do some talking if other someones are doing some listening. So, if this is what we are encouraged to do, then I believe it is good for us to seek how we are able to accomplish this in accord with our historic faith. Thus, I have decided that we all should listen to what the Church teaches: the consistent and unchanging Catholic faith as handed down to us by our forefathers. After all, that would be very "synodal" (which by definition means to "be together") of us if we were to be together with those who have handed down to us the traditions that we now have, right? As I have said many times, let us listen to what ALL the Church, has ALWAYS said, ALL the time (and be very, very, cautious about what a portion of the Church has said, only during the last 50 years, when they can get away with it). That pretty much sums up the definition of being Catholic.


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