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Let's Get Our Priorities Straight!

So there is all this kerfuffle about the baseball team in Los Angeles who invited and gave an award to an organization that hates God. The organization (and I use that word very loosely) is a pack of despicable perverts (and I use those words with reserve--there are better words that could be used, but I will limit myself here). There was a significant outcry from the local Catholics and other types of Christians; they protested, complained, and apparently had quite an impact. Whether it will do any good in the long run, we will have to wait and see (and pray).

I wonder, however, about the amount of effort put into this. Imagine what would happen if that many people, with that much vigor, were to protest something a bit more worth our time than an overpriced game--like Bishops who refuse to stand for the truth? I like baseball, but it is just a game--a recreational activity! The Los Angeles Dodgers are a pagan organization, run by pagans, so why are we surprised if they do something approving of paganism (there are Sodomettes on their board of directors after all)? The outcry at this is stunning when you realize the level of importance of . . . once again . . . a GAME! It is not as though we are talking about something that has eternal significance. It is just a group of guys getting paid exorbitant amounts of money to PLAY so we can watch.

What if that same amount of effort in protest were put into something that actually mattered in eternity; something like liturgical abuse? Do you think that there would be a change if the laity refused to attend a Mass where the Priest is encouraging irreverence (what if they refused to attend any Mass that was irreverent?). I would like to see us care about things that really matter. After all, baseball games will not make a difference on Judgment Day (except maybe to count against those obsessed with them), but the service to and worship of God will make all the difference possible.

Why do Catholics sit by and say nothing when far worse things happen? Does this reveal what really matters to them? "Go ahead and abuse the Mass, corrupt our doctrine, and mislead us about how the Sacraments work, but don't you dare touch our baseball games!" I do not want to believe it, but I wonder of much of this has to do with not just our American obsession with sports but also with all the money that goes into them. After all, I read recently that the average American gives more money to sports than to his church (let that sink in).

If we really believe that Christ is God (and that baseball teams are just entertainers), then we will act like it. So then, yes, it is evil for the Dodgers to promote sexual perversions and we should tell them to stop. Yet, why do we ignore it when things of much more serious nature are committed every day? When Churches have "pride Masses" (I am not making this up, it happens) why are the laity not crying out to God for justice and saying imprecatory prayers? Why are Bishops not flooded with protests demanding the removal of Priests who teach their people to disrespect the Blessed Sacrament? Please do not waste your time protesting a game if you do nothing to encourage genuine holiness and respect for Almighty God. Let us get our priorities straight here!


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