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Leading Us into a Trap?

Having read a story recently about a Priest who was "cancelled" by his Bishop for being faithful, I began to ponder more deeply what the devil is doing. Of course, this is only speculation, since I do not have the devil's cell phone tapped. I believe that it is possible that the devil (and those under his sway, as well) are saying and doing things that are clearly contrary to the faith in order to get us upset for the very purpose of giving grounds for us to be called "divisive", "disobedient", and "troublemakers". After all, if we get enough false accusations thrown against us, it will make it easier to tarnish our reputation and make those on the fence pull away from orthodox Catholicism. It will also make it easier to trash traditionalists as "radicals" and "fundamentalists" which of course leads to an "excommunication". It does make me concerned that we all need to be that much more careful about how we respond to the foolishness in the Church these days. Let us make sure that we do nothing to give them fuel to burn us with.

Today is the feast of the Holy Cross, and this may be a cross that we need to bear. Let us bear it with holiness and righteousness, trusting our Lord in everything.


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