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Justice and Mercy

I am sure that there are those who, after hearing that Theodore McCarrick was declared unable to stand trial for his crimes, felt that it is unjust. Unjust to him? Actually no. Consider this: when someone commits a grave sin, and "gets away" with it and then dies, that is not a blessing in any way. That is a punishment. You see, getting caught and tried in court forces a person to deal with his behavior and makes him take a close look at his eternal destiny. The one who is never caught (or who does not stand trial for some reason) is not being given a mercy. He is being given the fullest consequences of his actions because he is left to himself, and that usually means that the person does not find repentance. Those people who "get away with it" almost always die in sin; impenitent and unforgiven. Their souls are in the hands of God; which probably means their judgment is at hand. Remember, God is just and He will always do what is right.


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