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Inconsistent Atheists

No one can, no matter how hard he tries, be a consistent atheist. Atheism, is essentially a belief in total chaos. If there is no Creator, no divine Guide to direct all that exists into order, then there is nothing to keep order. This means that the basic rules of existence that everyone presumes to be true (e.g. my eyes show me what is in front of me, heat burns, air is necessary to breathe, etc.) might very well change tomorrow. Everything that we know could be flipped on its head in a way that would far surpass the most confusing science fiction story ever written. If this were reality, then we all should run and hide away from everything because there is nothing to say what will happen next.

If, however, there is a God; and if He created and sustains all of His creation, then we can trust Him. We can trust that the sun will rise, our senses do work, and that there is an eternal reckoning for all mankind. Disbelief in it, will not make it cease to be true.


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