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A high ranking Catholic clergyman commented recently regarding the obsession people have today with inclusiveness. Almost everyone seems to demand that we "include" this group or that group, as though that somehow gives those groups more authenticity if we include them in our discussions, activities, etc. Few seem to consider that if we "include" everyone then that also singles them out as though they are not "like the rest of us" and creates more division than unity (but maybe this is a result of radical individualism).

This clergyman's claim was that if we really want inclusion, we should make sure that we include: the unborn, big families, the devout, police and immigrants. I do not disagree with his assessment, we cannot exclude those who are truly "marginalized". Yet, there is something else that many today do not want to "include" because they believe that we have already had enough. God.

No, I do not mean just making sure that we can pray at public schools (which we were warned would become a problem when we first surrendered the schools to the government). I am talking about you in your personal life. How do you speak about God? How do you speak about the world? There is a big difference between a sunset, and a sunset that God gave us. It is not the same thing to say "thank God" because you are used to the phrase, and to say "thank God" because you are truly thanking Him for doing something.

How do you include God in your speech? Do you make sure that He is acknowledged in everything--not only when you have a meal and remember to pray? Much of modern culture has taught us to keep God in the private realm and remove Him from public reference (as though the disestablishment clause had anything to do with that!). The way that we speak, will influence the way that we think, which will influence our spirits.

If you cannot remember God in the regular activities of life, then you will not be remembering Him in the special activities of life (blessings, trials, the Mass, etc.). What part does God play in history; in science; in politics; or in health? He is there in each of these things, and if you fail to acknowledge Him (the Creator of all), then you can be certain you will fail to relate to Him properly at other times.

God is not a toy that we take down off the shelf when we are ready to play and then put Him back until we later decide that we want Him. Yes, many people do live like that, but this is why "the name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles" (Romans 2:24). If we do not work to uphold the activity of God in our everyday lives, then how will the world ever do so? Make sure you include God.


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