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Inaccurate Understandings

Pope Benedict XVI (in a general audience, on October 17, 2012) said that many of the worst problems in the Church are caused by incomplete or inaccurate understandings of the precise words and meanings of doctrine, particularly in the Creed. Today we have vast numbers of Catholics who do not understand their faith. Some have been taught errors about the Eucharist; some have been misled into the (all too) American idea that God’s commands are just strong suggestions; others believe that the Catholic faith is only one of the many ways to Heaven. If we truly understood the faith as it has been given to us, and removed all of the modern distortions to it, then we would have a proper grounding whereby we could be more discerning about other challenging ideas when they arise. How well prepared are you for the next error that the world throws at us? Today it is sodomy and gender fluidity; what will it be next?


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