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"I'm Being Attacked!"

There is this funny video online showing a police officer at a traffic stop being attacked. No, not by a person, but by a turkey; yes, you read that right. That is not what is really funny, though. First, he tries to scare it away by, get this: quacking. Right; he says "quack, quack, quack" to get it to leave. No success. Then he calls on his radio and says, "I'm being attacked by"--prepare for it--"a chicken" (at least he realized it was a bird!). I suppose in the tension of the moment, he got confused (let us give him the benefit of the doubt, since we were not there).

If you do not know what is attacking you, then you will often not do the right thing to ward it off. Are you being attacked? Might you be just going through something difficult and you think it is an attack, but it is only coincidence? Is it possibly something demonic (demons are rampant in America today--no jokes!)? Or maybe, you are being "attacked" by God, in the sense that He is coming against your behavior to teach you something.

The point of it being an issue of your behavior is crucial. If you are living faithfully (really faithful, not just "doing ok" as so many people say), then it is not likely God who is "attacking" you. This means that we each need to assess the situation more specifically in order to determine what is going on. Am I living in the grace of God? Am I doing something that makes the devil upset? Is it a sincere attack, or something else?

Attacks from the devil require deeper diligence. Neutral events that are challenging need patience and wisdom. "Attacks" from God need deeper prayer and devotion. Let us each look closely at our lives and not attribute everything to our initial ideas. Let us seek wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Ghost in order to be certain how best to serve our Lord.


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