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Once in a public school, a girl around 12 years old got graded down on a paper she wrote for her class because she capitalized the word "Heaven". The teacher said it was supposed to be lower case. The girl (respectfully) made her case that Heaven is an actual place and so should be capitalized as a proper noun (like "Missouri" and "Springfield"). The teacher rejected her reasoning and said that it is only a mythical place and therefore not to be capitalized.

As I understand it, the school sided with the teacher. Sad, but to be expected. So, this is not, of course, a post about proper grammar. It is, however, crucial that we get our grammar correct if we wish to acknowledge truth and reality. Is Heaven a reality? If we truly believe it exists the way that God has revealed to us, then we will acknowledge it in that way. And this is more than just a matter of whether we capitalize the word or not. It is a question of how we perceive it in our hearts.

Do not allow the reality of Heaven to become some nebulous and vague idea. Do not allow yourself to think of it as merely a "pipe dream". See it as the reality that it is, and seek to attain unto it. Make Heaven a goal in your life, just as real as the destination in your mind when you go out and drive to the store, or to work, or to Church. Heaven has been greatly misrepresented by many sources today, but that should not keep us from believing in what it really is. God says it is there; let us plan the journey well so we can arrive at that location--forever.


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